Weather could ruin fortunes of many

If talk around the dock in the last 24-hours is anything to go by, the big boats are genuinely concerned about keeping their craft in one piece.

The skipper of multi-million dollar, newly launched Comanche will have a rough sleep tonight, “It is crazy to do this as the first race and it could end in tears, you can get some weather that breaks an unproven boat.”

The race record looks off the table according to the five skippers of the supermaxis in this years race, and Wild Oats XI don’t want to even think about setting a new race record for eight line honours wins.

“To get any sort of record you’ve got to win. You got to finish the race. If we do a good job this week we will be in contention, who knows mate it’s the kiss of death we have to stay away from it,” says her skipper Mark Richards.

The mind games are nearly over, it’s almost time for racing to take the spotlight.



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