Manouch Moshayedi is hoping for light breezes – Sydney to Hobart

[Source: The Australian] AS yachtsmen in Sydney wonder if Boxing Day will bring a thumping southerly buster or a howling nor’easterly to test the 117 competitors in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart race, one skipper is ­hoping for the impossible. American yachtsman and computer industry millionaire Manouch Moshayedi is hoping for light breezes that never top 12-15 knots to waft over the 628 nautical mile course to Hobart — conditions that could see his unheralded supermaxi Rio 100 lead the fleet up the Derwent. Early this year Moshayedi bought the 11 year- old supermaxi that had sailed in various Hobart races as Zana, Konica Minolta and Lahana and took it to the famed Cookson yard in New Zealand for a makeover designed to make it the fastest yacht racing on the US west coast. “We rarely get winds above 12 or 15 knots, so Cookson was tasked with optimising Rio for those conditions,” Moshayedi said as he watched the racing sails being loaded aboard the sleek, black-hulled yacht in Sydney Harbour yesterday. “They cut through the middle of the hull just aft of the mast and grafted on a new wider and longer stern with twin rudders, making it a […]

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Manouch Moshayedi Leads Rio 100 to First Race, First Win

Friday was the first real test for the recently launched Rio 100 in race conditions when she and a crew of 28 took part in the Royal Akarana Yacht Clubs ‘Yates Cup’. A 230nm race which sent the fleet of 16 boats exploring the outer gulf around Cuvier Island, the outside of Great Barrier and as far north as the Poor Knights before turning around and coming back into Auckland. Owner Manouch Moshayedi assembled a cracking team of American sailors (who would become regulars once the boat was back in California) and a few Kiwi ring-ins to fill some spots. Most notably, 2 times America’s Cup winner Peter Isler (USA) was on board as Navigator with local boy Mike ‘Moose’ Sanderson (NZL) as tactician. LSD was asked to be on board for the race to capture the action and it was Buoy who was lucky enough to get the ride. Daz was already on Beau Geste and Lissa was the eye in the sky buzzing the fleet with Phil Hart in his Ultralite. (Aussie was a little annoyed…) The race started at 10am Friday morning outside the Royal Akarana Yacht Club in a light nor-wester and warm conditions. Rio had a […]

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Manouch makes it 70 for 70th race edition – Rio 100

RIO 100, an American entry known better to locals as Zana, Konica Minolta and Lahana, is the 70th entry received for the 2014 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race; tying in nicely with the 70th running of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s famous 628 nautical mile event. Built as a 98 footer named Zana for its New Zealand owner in 2003, RIO 100, according to new proprietor Manouch Moshayedi, has been extensively modified and lengthened to 100 feet. She is also sporting a new silver/grey paint job, magnifying an undeniably sleek appearance. Moshayedi, a computer technology magnate from the USA, who is basing his new acquisition at Newport Beach, California, said: “Brett Bakewell-White did a great job of redesigning his old boat; anyone who sailed on her before would probably not recognise her now. The yacht’s water ballast was removed by cutting off the back 50 foot section and a new wider, longer stern has made it six to seven tons lighter than it was as Lahana. It also sports a new, longer boom, a new longer bowsprit and the wheels have been pushed back. Some other modifications, undertaken by Cooksons in New Zealand and overseen by Moshayedi’s boat captain […]

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Rio 100, Beau Geste & Giacomo – It’s On

This morning we can confirm (and announce) that the three big boats sneaking around Auckland will finally come together in one race. Rio 100, Beau Geste and Giocomo are finally set to race – against each other. It was meant to the Pic Insurance Coastal Classic however due to damage of Rio 100 they were forced to retire from the event. But the three shall finally meet. This morning it was confirmed that Rio 100 and Beau Geste will join Giacomo on the start line of the Royal Akarana Yacht Club Yates Cup, a 230 nautical mile race around the Hauraki Gulf, staring on Friday 21 November. This race will be the ultimate hit out before the boats head to Australia. The Coastal Classic was an intense race for Beau Geste and Giacomo, with BG pipping Giacomo by just 2 minutes and 24 seconds over the line. Giacomo claimed the handicap wins in both IRC and PHRF. But Rio 100 is an unknown. This will be one race worth watching.

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Rio 100 first Sail. Photo: © Brad Davies / Media

Rio 100 takes first sail in Auckland

Manouch Moshayedi’s Rio 100 had her first taste of freedom this morning in Auckland, stretching her legs with her new Doyles inventory under the watchful eye of Boat Captain – Keith Kilpartrick. Once again, was commissioned to capture her progress. 

Like the new sails, the sky was a silvery-grey with a moderate 10 knot northerly and showers rolling through on and off were doing their best to pester the camera man (me) – lucky cameras are weather sealed!

The day started early for the crew, along with the desingers (Bakewell-White) and boat builders every one was on hand at 5.15am to incline test the boat before her maiden sail in new configuration. By 8.30 sails were loaded and Rio was backed out into the harbour.

The new Doyle Sails NZ main went up and straight out of the box looked great. Mike Sanderson and Richard Bouzaid from Doyle Sails were on hand, keeping a watchful eye over their sails. There were smiles from Mike in the chase boat on the way home – I think every one  was happy with how things had turned out.

Rio 100 first Sail. Photo: © Brad Davies / Media

The boat is now back out of the water and has gone through its IRC measurements. The boat will remain out of the water for a month or so before being resplashed in preparation for the  Maxi Challenge and Coastal Classic late October (race from Auckland to Russell, Bay of Islands).

Check out the teaser vid above, and the photos below. We will have the full video (including her delivery from Cooksons to Gulf Harbour) up shortly!





Nip & Tuck: Rio 100

Well, it was not quite ‘Nip and Tuck’, more extend and widen but it was surgery none the less! What was launched in 2003 as ‘Zana’, became ‘Konica Minolta’ and then more recently ‘Lahana’ is now known as ‘Rio 100’ and is to be based out of Newport Beach in California, USA. Keith Kilpatrick (the boats captain) has been over seeing the modifications of the Bakewell White 100″ at Cookson Boat Builders in Auckland. He got in touch with us at LSD and asked us to document her journey from the yard in the Wairau Valley up to Gulf Harbour Marina for her rigging and eventual launching in a few days. It was a cold and wet start for us , meeting the team from Boat Haulage at the Cooksons Shed at 2.45am Friday morning. GoPros’s fitted, truck hitched up and off we went! The boys from Boat Haulage have a wealth of experience and it showed – within 15 minutes, she was out of the shed and on the road and we were following. Public Service Announcement: If you live in Auckland – best time to drive anywhere is 2.30am! Not sure where you would need to go at […]

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